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Surfer AU-Closed RP


As Ariel walks on the beach to the blanket she had laid out earlier, she sees a handsome man laying on his own blanket reading a book and smiling. She walks over to introduce herself to him. “Hello! I’m Ariel! What book are you reading?” She greets, tilting her head in curiosity.

Norrington looked up from his book, not really looking at her. “Anna Karenina.” His gaze immediately dropped back to the book.

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A Wanted Bird- James and Odette






Once James reached the bottom of the stairs, Beckett asked,” How is she?”

"She has been-" he paused to think of the right word, "-Quiet Sir. No signs of any sort of disruptive behaviour. It did sound as though she was pacing at times; other than that, nothing to report sir."

" Good,good. I hope she will be in a better mood by the time dinner arrives, I will need an audience with Miss. Greyson. I need to discuss a …business matter with her."

A deep frown creased his brow as James took in Beckett’s reply. “My Lord, forgive me for asking, but I thought she was a prisoner?” Nothing about this situation was adding up. Was she really innocent?

" Your on point Mr.Norrington, she is a prisoner. I can see how that may be confusing given the fact that not too long ago you used to have your duty’s served in execution am I correct? Come. Sit and share a brandy with me."

Beckett walked over to a cart filled with a plethora of different liquors and grabbed a couple of small crystal glasses and poured the amber colored liquid one third of the way. He walked over to the Commadore and handed him one glass and took a seat once James took one.

"Now, I will explain. Most of the prisoners that Port Royal has taken happened to be thieves, murderers, pirates and so on…" Becketts gaze was set on the brandy swirling in his glass. " Miss. Greyson is more… a rarity of a prisoner because she is not a women with common wealth. Since she did not steal or pillage any of our towns I’d like to discuss a cordial way to pay immigration fee’s. If she does want to live in Port Royal, she needs documentation, hence the dinner and room for her to board."

"I’m afraid I don’t follow sir. Thank you." He nodded as he took the glass. "She is being detained purely because she does not possess proper documentation? "

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High School AU: Swannoftheocean


Elizabeth looked at all the other students who seemed so bored. She sighed and refused to be like them. She had always been a great student. She wasn’t planning on doing something different than usual. As she opened the book, she started reading the first chapters. History was her favorite class, she loved discovering details. She started being distracted by reading everything, holding still the paper having his email in the hand. 

After a while, the woman started taking notes. She listened carefully to him, looking at him with amazed eyes. He was a very handsome man and deep inside, she was wondering how on earth he ended teacher. Maybe it’s a second job ? Elizabeth wanted to be an archaeologist. She though knew that she’d have to work also. Maybe she’d become a teacher as well while she would once in a while fly to another country for her real job ?

At the end of the class, everybody left the class without even saying goodbye. Elizabeth found this rude. Of course, no one waited for her, she was the new girl, she was the one who had to make the first move. She just sighed and grabbed her bag. Before leaving, she stopped and turned around to look at him. ” That part of the history is absolutely fascinating. And it’s not in the books.. How do you know all of this details, Mister Norrington ? ” She was sincere, willing to know a bit more. 

Norrington paused in the middle of erasing the whiteboard and turned to her. “Oh I know all sorts of historical details. It’s all about study. As I said, you’ll get out of it what you put into it.”

He set the eraser down and dusted his hands. “Did you have a question about the material or about the syllabus Ms Swann?”

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Norrington and Sparrow—The Locker


Jack grinned at the man’s happiness. Jack loved making people happy, especially previous enemies. He didn’t really consider Norrington an enemy at the moment, but someone to work with. He knew that they were on the same side and Norrington looked up to him. That made him feel good. He hoped that once he got out of the locker, he himself could go right back in. He really enjoyed the time he’d spent in the locker. It was so peaceful there. 

Norrington wasn’t ready to die yet so he understood how he could had had such ill thoughts of the whole place. He probably wanted to die at land as it were with a family of his own. Norrington seemed like he’d want a family and the thought of that made Jack roll his eyes. 

Jack hopped down off the ship and searched for one of his rock buddies. Once he found a rock buddy he cuddled it against his shoulder between his cheek and it. The rock then opened up and crawled on top of Jack’s head and moved its arms as if to tell someone to come here. 

Then, all the other rocks came swarming from a distance. 

Norrington watched the sand rise and fall in waves. But it wasn’t the sand. It was the crabs. “Bloody Hell…” He breathed as he leaned over the port side of the ship.

"That’s … It’s… "

He had to rub his eyes, surely they were playing tricks on him. “Incredible,” he finally breathed.

Which of these two shirts looks better? The red or the Blue?




Shoot. Don’t let him know! "Ummmm," the blonde thought for a moment, then smiled, point to the blue shirt. After a series of debates running through her head, she nodded.

"The red one! It’s totally your color!" Nailed it.

James frowned and held up the blue shirt. “This one?”

"MMMHMM!" She grinned, nodding. "That’s better for ya babe!" She gave him a thumbs up. "Red! Goes great with your boots!"

James looked at the blue shirt and frowned. “Punz…. this is red.”

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